Kick-off Meeting, Cluj Napoka Romania

The kick off meeting of Teachers4 Europe “Setting an Agora for democratic culture” took place on 12 th and 13 th of February in Cluj, Romania. The program includes 9 partners, Universities, Institutes and Organizations. University of Piraeus Research Center and Laboratory of Educational Policy, Research, Development and Inter – University Cooperation (Erdic) will be the leader organization of the consortium of the T4E Program. The Academic coordinator of the program is Dr. Foteini Asderaki, Assistant Professor at the department of International and European Studies. Dr Foteini Asderaki holds the Jean Monnet Chair and she is the Director of ERDIC Laboratory.

In the Kick off meeting in Cluj Romania, all partners were informed of the program and of their own responsibilities in this. The objectives and objectives of the program were discussed, and an extensive reference was made to the good practice applied by Greece, which was approved by the European Commission for dissemination in other European countries.

The meeting lasted for two days and all the partners were informed about the structure of the program. During the meeting, questions were raised to clarify by the participants as well as ideas that could enhance the program. The overall impact of the meeting was extremely productive as it enhanced communication between the partners and encouraged cooperation.